Tahunanui Tennis Club
The Friendly Club in the Nelson Bays

In the interest of player safety, well-being and speed of play please note the following guidelines-

Fully close court gates prior to play, and check location of courtside seating

The best way of a Receiver handling a fault serve is to catch it or hit it into the net in front of them - or let it go, although this sometimes leads to the ball bouncing to adjacent courts. Returning a fault serve as if not a fault, although understandable for close/deep serves, is disruptive and unfairly interrupts the Servers rhythm

When 2 balls are being returned to a Server (this is often from different players and directions), always check the Server has caught the first one before making your return. Two balls at once or even nearly so leads to spillage and time delays

Kicking a ball back to a Server is discourteous and not as accurate as a careful softly hit return

Do not leaving a not-in-use ball (including pre-placing a second-serve ball, or the resting place of serve fault) anywhere on the court other than close to the net. Similarly a ball lying behind but near the base line is a potential tripping hazard and should instead be pocketed or sent to the back fence.